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Chinese Leaders Blog is an area for Tibet experts and campaigners to mull over and discuss what China’s leadership change will mean for Tibet.

  • Could Peng Liyuan be a Friend of Tibet? – 25 March 2013 by the International Tibet Network
  • The world’s media are fascinated by China’s glamorous new first lady, the singer Peng Liyuan. But is there more to her than meets the eye? Read More

  • A Message for Xi Jinping – 7 November 2012 by the International Tibet Network
  • On the eve of the handover, member groups of the International Tibet Network send a strong signal to Xi Jinping that Tibet will define his leadership of China. Read More

  • Xi Jinping – Soft Spot for Tibet?
    – 6 September 2012, by Alison Reynolds, International Tibet Network
  • A blog considering the contents of a fascinating Reuters article about Xi Jinping’s links to Tibet through his father. Read More

First published in the South China Morning Post on June 6, 2012 under the title “Crunch Time.” by Jerome Cohen.

As China’s Communist Party elite prepare to select the country’s leadership for the coming decade, to what extent does concern for the rule of law affect their deliberations?  Will the successor to Zhou Yongkang, the Politburo Standing Committee member who controls the legal system, favor continuing lawless repression or seek to subject both Party and government to the law on the books that is often ignored in practice? Read More

In a few months China is due to change its top leadership. Rumours and intrigue have seen recent reports stating that China’s current leaders are considering delaying the handover. What will this mean for China, who remain anxious to dispel talk of infighting among senior leaders? How will they balance the factions, ideologies, power-bases and roles on this increasingly consensus-driven body?
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UK manufacturers have been shifting to China attracted by the cheap labour. But with wages and overheads escalating in China a move back to British manufacturing has become an increasingly attractive option; for one UK businessman at least.
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In the lead up to anniversary of Tibetan National Uprisings of 1959 and 2008, when thousands of Tibetans took to the streets to protest China’s occupation of Tibet, Chinese officials sink to an all time low, maligning Tibetans who are calling for freedom.
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In light of the recent self-immolations in Tibet, and the increased Western media attention to China’s crackdown on protests in Tibetan areas (which have resulted in the deaths and wounding of dozens of Tibetans shot by Chinese police), Wangchuk Shakabpa takes a look at some of China’s claims about the unrest on the Tibetan Plateau.
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In the last 12 months more than twenty Tibetans have set fire to themselves to protest Chinese rule. There have been only muted expressions of concern from Western leaders. It is therefore astounding that Washington and London openly denounced China and Russia after they alone vetoed the United Nation’s planned sanctions on Syria….
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As China’s President-in-waiting Xi Jinping touches down on US soil, at the forefront of China’s abysmal human rights record is the current crisis in Tibet, where 21 monks, nuns and laypeople have set light to themselves, calling for freedom for Tibet and the return of the Dalai Lama…
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