Xie Xuren (former Finance Minister)

Xie Xuren 谢旭人

Nat Council Social Security Fund


Formerly a Member of the Tibet Work Leading Group (as Finance Minister until 2013)


Pronunciation: She-eh Shoe-ren soundbite
Born: 1947
Education: Zhejiang University, Hangzhou. Industral finance management.
Career: Prior to becoming Finance Minister, headed China’s tax administration. Current primary focus is to slow down the economy but not bring growth to a halt, and to narrow the income gap. Has less influence than his foreign counterparts because of State Council’s control of fiscal policy. Named Asia Finance Minister of the year in 2009 by Emerging Markets magazine. Kept a very low profile.
Prospects: Appointed Chairman of the National Council for Social Security Fund in March 2013
Relevance to Tibet: As Finance Minister was a Member of the Tibet Work Leading Group.

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