He Guoqiang

He Guoqiang 贺国强



Former Politburo Standing Committee Member and Commission for Discipline Inspection.

He Guoqiang


Pronunciation: Her Gwoh-cheeyahng (“He” is like ‘her’ without the r) soundbite
Born: 1943, Hunan Province.
Education: Inorganic Chemist (17 years in chemical industry).
Career: An ally of Jiang Zemin. Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. Politburo Standing Committee Member since 2007 (ranks 8th).
Prospects: Retired in 2012.
Relevance to Tibet: No intimate involvement but Politburo Standing Committee makes big decisions!

Standing in the Party and Career Highlights:

8th ranked member of the Politburo Standing Committee (has been a member of the Standing Committee since 2007).

Currently Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (charged with rooting out corruption).

Major Party/government positions along the way include:
Governor, Fujian Province; 1997 – 1999
Party secretary, Chongqing Municipality, 1999-2002;
Head, Central Committee Organization Department (Party’s Personnel Dept) 2002-2007.

Quotations By/Comments About

  • Willy Lam (Jamestown 2009) writes that there have been some public questions and embarrassment for Hè as a result of Bo Xilai’s massive, high-profile crackdown on corrupt officials in Chongqing. Although Hè was Party secretary there he apparently did nothing with regard to corruption. According to the Financial Times March 2010, there are popular calls for “Chongqing-style crackdowns on gangsters and their political allies.” Bo’s vigorous pursuit of corruption has made Beijing’s efforts look “toothless”.
  • According to the BBC Hè seems to have a knack for surviving scandal.
  • According to Xinhua, Hè apparently went to the Yushu quake area and sent auditors and investigators there to ensure that relief funds are being used properly. “We should learn from experiences after the Wenchuan earthquake…” The National Audit Office claims to have recovered 300 million yuan (US$44 million) “misappropriated” from Sichuan relief funds. He said that supervision must be strengthened and that embezzlement and dereliction of duty will be harshly punished.
  • He Guoqiang’s Contact Information:

    • Address: Zhongnanhai, Xi Chang’an Jie, Beijing 100017.
    • Website: www.gov.cn
    • Phone: + 86 10 6307 0913
    • Fax: + 86 10 6307 0900

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