Dai Bingguo 戴秉国



Former State Councilor, responsible for Foreign Affairs.


Pronunciation: Dye Bing-gwoh soundbite
Born: 1941; member of the Tujia “ethnic minority”.
Education: Studied Russian in Sichuan, and Foreign Affairs in Beijing.
Career: A diplomat (stints in Moscow embassy and was China’s ambassador to Hungary). Deputy Minister and Party Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2003 – 2007. State Councilor 2008 – 2013; one of the highest-ranking figures of Chinese foreign policy, with high-profile assignments, including North Korea. Widely respected.
Prospects: Retired in 2012/13.
Relevance to Tibet: Met many foreign leaders, and played a role in China’s diplomatic offensive on Tibet.

Standing in the Party and Career Highlights:

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Dai Bingguo’s Contact Information:

  • Address: State Council Information Office. No.225 Changyangmennei Dajie, Dongcheng District, Beijing, 100010.
  • Website: www.scio.gov.cn
  • Phone: + 86 10 8652 1199
  • Fax: + 86 10 6559 2364
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