Xi Jinping’s Tibet Challenge

Xi Jinping’s Tibet Challenge: 60 Years of Failed Policies in Tibet

With Xi Jinping inheriting both extraordinary power and a considerable number of major challenges, International Tibet Network, Australia Tibet Council and Students for a Free Tibet have co-authored a new report to examine China’s failed Tibet policies and the increasing Tibetan resistance.

Xi Jinping’s Tibet Challenge‘ documents:

    • China’s attempts to maintain the occupation of Tibet through Three Pillars of Coercive Control – Military Occupation, Colonial Rule, and Fear and Intimidation.
    • Xi Jinping’s Tibet challenge is a Tibet in crisis; devastated by four generations of colonial exploitation, Tibetans are a population with a broad understanding of Tibet as a nation, and a spirit of determination and diverse resistance to China’s rule.
    • Recommendations to Xi and China’s 5th generation leaders urging how they must recognize that continuing along the same path as previous generations will only result in greater instability in Tibet as well as growing international condemnation of China’s leadership.
    • Recommendations to World Governments urging the building of a functioning multilateral forum that will devise and implement new, robust, coordinated strategies for resolving the Tibet crisis.

Also available in Chinese | French | Spanish | Japanese
A PDF version of the report can be downloaded via google docs
Watch the Xi Jinping’s Tibet Challenge Press Launch via Google +

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