• 2012: Looking at China’s 5th Generation of Leaders

  • Xi Jinping Gazes Away as U.S. Vice President Biden SpeaksXi Jinping: China’s Conservative Strongman-in-Waiting:
    Willy Lam’s analysis of Xi, based on his behaviour during meetings with US Vice President Joe Biden, August 2011.
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    Richard McGregor, author of “The Party.”New York Times talks to Richard McGregor, author of “The Party”
    (discusses Xi Jinping and the future of the CCP).
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    Liu XiaoboWill the Nobel tilt the fragile balance in China?:
    Though the Communist Party does not have to worry about general elections and votebanks, its 18th Congress, to be held in October 2012, will see General Secretary Hu Jintao and most of his colleagues in the Standing Committee of the Politburo (PBSC) bidding goodbye to politics.
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    The China syndrome: Year of the rabbit The China syndrome: Year of the rabbit
    Jonathan Fenby, author of The Penguin History of Modern China, assesses the world’s second-biggest economic power – and charts the risks ahead.
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    Politics in ChinaNot Fade Away: A growing number of former leaders are speaking out
    The Economist. As Zhu Rongji publishes a collection of speeches, Cheng Li predicts that “old-man politics” could well increase.
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  • Politburo Standing Committee

  • China's President Hu Jintao speaks at the APEC Summit in Yokohama‘True Democracy’ Within China’s Politburo?
    Can one find democracy in China? According to a US source in Beijing, the country’s Politburo is more interested in consensus than decrees — on all issues except for Tibet. But, US diplomats allege, most of the country’s top functionaries maintain close ties with various industries.
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    Hu adopts quasi-Maoist tactics Too Many Cooks Spoil Foreign Policy Stew
    by Francesco Sisci, Asia Times. “…among the nine members of the politburo standing committee, all nine have a voice and a particular stake in foreign policy. Zhou Yongkang, in charge of security, is fundamental in it. Li Changchun is in charge of propaganda, so has a say in China’s foreign policy. Li Keqiang, sitting over finance and industry, can’t ignore foreign affairs. Xi Jinping, vice chairman of the PLA commission, has a hand in it, too, as does Jia Qinglin, ultimately responsible for religion and Taiwan. Wen Jiabao, presiding over the whole economy, is also an important part of the game. When everybody else is involved how can He Guoqiang, chief of party discipline, and Wu Bangguo, head of the parliament, not utter their opinions?”
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    Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping. Credit: Getty ImagesThe nine men at the top of Chinese politics
    Members of the standing committee of the Politburo of the Communist Party of China have been described as ‘small men grappling with big issues’
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    Premier Wen JiabaoWen Jiabao: the Verdict of History
    China’s elite is preparing for the succession of power in 2012. But there is still time for the current generation to shape its legacy. In particular, says Li Datong, prime minister Wen Jiabao is an increasingly bold and outspoken figure in China’s political establishment. By Li Datong for openDemocracy
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    Hu adopts quasi-Maoist tactics Hu Jintao:
    Hu adopts quasi Maoist tactics by Willy Lam: Chinese President Hu Jintao has revived a key Maoist concept – “correctly handling contradictions among the people” – so as to more effectively tackle China’s growing socio-political instability.
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  • China’s Rise

    Wen JiabaoWhy China is Weaker than it looks
    By Kerry Brown, Chatham House, 12 October 2010.
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    What happened to China's 'peaceful rise'? What happened to China’s Peaceful Rise?
    By Daniel Blumenthal, 21 October 2010.
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  • Regional Leaders

    A worker carries a sack while walking past a power line construction site in Linzhou county of Lhasa, Tibet. Reuters “Chinese Party bosses in Tibet are more like the Mafia”,
    Kate Saunders in The Sunday Guardian, 12 September 2011.
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