Wang Dongming

Wang Dongming ηŽ‹δΈœζ˜Ž

Party Secretary of Sichuan Province


Responsible for Sichuan which encompasses a large part of Tibet. Likely to join the Tibet Contact Group.

Wang Dongming Sichuan


Pronunciation: Wong Doong-ming soundbite
Born: 1956, Benxi City, Liaoning Province
Education: A rusticated (sent-down) youth who later studied philosophy at Liaoning University. Post-graduate degree from the Central Party School.
Career: A 17-year career in Liaoning Province, followed by 7 years as a Deputy Director of the Central Party Organization Department in Beijing. From 2000 – 2008 was a member of the CPPCC. Member of the 17th and 18th Central Committees. According to China Daily, Wang was Head of the State Commission Office for Public Sector Reform at the time of his promotion.
Prospects: Sichuan is regarded as an important Province because of its large size.
Relevance to Tibet: Responsible for a large part of Tibet. Likely to join the Tibet Contact Group.

Standing in the Party and Career Highlights:

This is a “mini” profile. See Overview box above right.

It should be noted that one of the factions named by Xinhua in December 2014 was the “Secretary” clique, which included a number of officials in Sichuan Province linked to Zhou Yongkang’s tenure as Party Secretary from 1999 – 2002. Two of those named were Guo Yongxiang and Li Chongxi, formerly deputy Party Secretaries of Sichuan.

Mini-profiles of officials within Sichuan Province are also available on this site: Shi Jun, Sichuan’s Head of Public Security, Liu Zuoming, Party Secretary of Ngaba Prefecture and Wu Zegang, Governor of Ngaba Prefecture.

Contact details for Wang Dongming:

  • Address: Sichuan Provincial General Office. No.30 Duyuanjie, Chengdu, Sichuan 610016
  • Website:
  • Phone: + 86 28 8660 4437
  • Fax: + 86 28 8660 4036


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