Qiang Wei (former Qinghai PS)

Qiang Wei 强卫

Jianxi Party Secretary


Former Party Secretary of Qinghai Province which covers large areas of Tibet. Prominent in coverage of Kyegudo earthquake and linked to student language protests, 2010.

Qiang Wei


Pronunciation: Cheeyahng Way soundbite
Born: 1953, Jiangsu Province.
Education: Master’s degree in economic management. Studied law and administration/ leadership at the Central Party School. Was a PLA soldier, 1969-75.
Career: Several years as head of China Youth League, Beijing branch (but apparently no close connection with Hu Jintao, Qiang is a protégé of Jia Qinglin). Party Secretary of Qinghai 2007 – 2013.
Prospects: Moved to Jiangxi Province in March 2013, a relatively poor province in the south east.
Relevance to Tibet: Formerly Qinghai Province Party Secretary, therefore responsible for large areas of Tibet.

Standing in the Party and Career Highlights:

Member 17th CPC Central Committee.

Current prospects unclear; Was being moved to a poor province grooming for higher office or was he kicked upstairs? It seems it was the latter as Jiangxi does not seem to be a promotion.

Brought into the Tibet Work Leading Group in 2010, when the Fifth Tibet Work Forum decided to incorporate the Tibetan areas of Sichuan, Qinghai, Gansu and Yunnan into its remit.

1999 – 2007, varied Party positions in Beijing; Director Beijing Public Security, 1999-2001; Deputy Secretary, Party Municipal Committee, Beijing, 2001-2007 and for part of that time Chief of the Olympic Security Coordination Group, but left Beijing in 2007 so missed out on actual Olympics (lending credence to theory he was kicked upstairs; also Beijing Party was resisting Hu Jintao’s directives to deal with corruption according to Willy Lam).

Falun Gong claims Qiang headed Beijing’s Leadership Team to “Prevent and Handle the Evil Cult Issues”.

Quotations By/Comments About:

  • People’s Daily, 30 September 2010: quoting Qiang Wei’s comments at a conference on education in September 2010, translated by the International Campaign for Tibet. “Qinghai province has vigorously implemented state common language [Chinese] teaching in compulsory education while extending the ‘bilingual’ teaching of minority languages and scripts, making people of all minority nationalities grasp and use the Chinese language and script, thereby achieving ‘intercommunication between ethnics and Han’ [minhan jiantong].” He added that strengthening “bilingual” education, which asserts the importance of the Chinese language, is “an important political duty.” (NOTE: These comments are believed to have contributed towards the student protests in Amdo [Qinghai] in October 2010.)
  • China Daily, May 2005: “As a massive gathering involving thousands of athletes, coaches coaches, journalists and leading officials from more than 200 countries, the Olympic Games is one of the prime targets for terrorists who want to make worldwide unrest.”
  • China Tibet News, June 2009: With regard to maintaining a basin of clear water and ecological equilibrium at Sanjiangyuan (nature preserve at the head of the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers), Qiang said Qinghai Province would “rather give up its growth rate and gross domestic product (GDP)” than see harm done to the area.
  • China Daily 26 April 2010: Qiang Wei, party secretary of Qinghai province, burst into tears while telling the story of how he saw names of contributors on the collapsed wall of an orphanage in a Yushu village during his visit there after the devastating earthquake. “Today, we are gathered here to pay our tribute and send our condolences… The earthquake showed no mercy, but we have love. Let us wipe our tears off… and strive to meet a brighter tomorrow and let a more beautiful, wealthy and socialist Yushu stand on the vast Tibetan plateau.”

Qiang Wei’s Contact Information:

  • Address: (Was) Qinghai Provincial General Office, No.12 Xidajie, Xining, Qinghai 810000.
  • Website: www.qh.gov.cn
  • Phone: + 86 971 8252102 or 8252103
  • Fax: + 86 971 8239540

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